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(828) 280-4741Welcome to our All Oldsmobile web page, We specialize in Oldsmobile, DESIGN Engineering, Manufacturing, and Machine services of the components you see here. 

Click on "What's New" to see the current PRICING for todays HEADS, Intakes, Blocks, Crankshafts, designed for todays performance engines!
Oldsmobile racing, WPE TOP END Package Wise Performance Engineerings new head casting @ PRI 2011 bolt on traditional OEM locations for any 350-455 blocksWise Performance Engineering Oldsmobile 4 bolt Racing engine blocks Wise Performance Engineering  'NEW' CASTINGS CHAMBER 52cc
WPE's All new aluminum OEM style Oldsmobile head casting fulling CNC'd chambers and ports for street or max effort< Call for details.

 Oldsmobile 442 (Brad
WPE NEW WPE Z Chamber and ports.
WPE final castings with CNC chamber fits ALL traditional 350-455 engine blockss

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